10th Anniversary of the Mudeka Foundation

Ten years ago, in 2011, the Mudeka Foundation was registered with the charity commission. While Anna had been supporting students in Zimbabwe for some years prior, this formalised her support and started the Foundation you know today. 

Many amazing people have supported the Mudeka Foundation over the past ten years, too many to name. We start by saying Thank YOU to everyone who has been involved. 

Over the next month, we will be showcasing the stories of some of the people the Foundation has supported in Zimbabwe, and those working in the UK and Zimbabwe. 

Our biggest project has been ZIPS, now known as scholarships, and to celebrate we are fundraising for 10 anniversary scholarships which would offer disadvantaged students support in the form of payment of fees, uniforms, books and mentoring. We are always immensely grateful for your support and any donation would be greatly appreciated. If a donation is difficult at this time, perhaps you could help to spread the word by sharing with your friends or following us on social media.

Val Rutherford


"Always a great believer in miracles, the past decade since the Mudeka Foundation was established hasn’t disillusioned that belief."


“I first heard about the Mudeka Foundation in 2017 when studying a BA in Media and International Development at the University of East Anglia."


"The Foundation granted me an opportunity which thus far has brought about a fulfilling experience as I have got a chance to contribute to the attainment of it's goals."

Picture of Daphine in her uniform


"I did not know about the Mudeka Foundation until in 2013 when I was writing my O level exams and they came through for me at my despairing moment."

Picture of Juliet, a women with chin length brown hair wearing a blue top looking directly at the camera


"I am so happy to have discovered The Mudeka Foundation. It is such a wonderful and important charity where the donations go directly to where they are needed."


"It is the desire of every child when growing up that they make a better life through education. Although it is everyone’s wish and desire, my story wasn’t smooth."


"I promised myself to help children by all means possible."


"What has the Foundation achieved in the last ten years? First and foremost, it has allowed our beneficiaries to “be children” and to obtain an education to enable them to fulfil their potential."


Anna will share a video at the end of September, reflecting on the past 10 years and looking forward to the next.