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Holding their new school uniform and school supplies

Muda visit to give donated school uniforms

We are very pleased that Tinashe was able to visit Muda just prior to the national lockdown enforced across Zimbabwe in June 2021 to give donated school uniforms to sponsored pupils.

The purpose of the visit was to deliver privately donated school uniforms and exercise books to primary school pupils. As always, these were gratefully received and we know they will be used regularly as necessities to attend school.

The day was not without adventure; the school takes its pupils from the local community and to visit the pupils’ homes required a 10-12 km walk! Tinashe was guided round the community by three pupils and they were kindly lent a bike to make it easier. It is daunting to realise that many pupils in Muda walk 5-7km to reach school. 

The kindness and support within the community was clear, from pupils offering to join Tinashe on his journey, to one of the pupils’ Grandmother lending them her bike for the journey. 


Picture of three school children holding their new uniform and school supplies
Holding their new school uniform and school supplies

Tinashe said of the visit

The recent visit to Muda was fruitful and brought some greater insights into our work. 

I had the honour of passing on the donated school uniforms and stationery to the four primary students in Muda, these where gladly received and with praises to the Mudeka Foundation’s work in Muda.”

Three pupils walking between fields
On their journey around the Muda community
Pupil and her Grandmother in their home cooking
One of the students and her Grandmother in their home

Please enjoy these pictures from the day, and the knowledge that your support means so much to the community. Many of the pupils who are sponsored by the Mudeka Foundation need support with uniforms and school supplies. If this is something you would like to assist with then please email for more information, with the subject “Uniform Donation”, or make a direct donation to our general funds via Kindlink


Student with his family
Student with his family outside their home

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