Arthur's Story

The goal of the Mudeka Foundation is to allow disadvantaged children to attend school, free from worrying about their school fees. One of the first pupils we supported, Arthur, shares what it meant for him. 

“It is the desire of every child when growing up that they make a better life through education. Everyone want to prosper academically and have a better life hence the reason for passing through educational institutions like primary school, high school and tertiary like colleges and universities. Although it is everyone’s wish and desire, my story wasn’t smooth and an enjoyable journey from the genesis of my academic journey that’s from my primary school. When my peers would love going to school with all the necessities, like the basics including fees, a normal uniform and books, I shared a different story as I was not raised from a silver spoon kind of a family where everything could be “smooth” and available. My primary level started on the negative where the struggle was so real in having my school fees just for a term being hard to be paid by my single mum who just had been entrenched from a small local company and had a bigger load already on her including bread winning for my brothers and myself.

Although I wouldn’t say my performance was bad judging from a personal point of view, it had some voids and gaps that I personally feel had many factors contributing but the major factor was related to school fees. Sometimes I would be send back from school to collect fees back home. To cut the short and long story that make up my story, thanks to the Mudeka Foundation that intervened and became “a helping hand” in my third grade and it marked a turnaround of my life academically. The Foundation helped me clear my fees arrears for the previous terms I owed the school and also catered for the then present term and continued till my Ordinary Level. Since the intervention of the foundation into my journey, things totally changed I can recall and confirm. The foundation wasn’t just a helping hand that provided me with fees but with the tools for the journey including books, pens, covers, uniforms just mentioning but a few, they catered for my welfare. Fees and other related challenges became a thing of the past as my school fees would be paid in time.”

Anniversary Appeal

As we look back over 10 brilliant years of the Mudeka Foundation, we also look forward to the future. To celebrate our anniversary we want to offer 10 scholarships to pupils in Zimbabwe, which would include school fees, uniform, books, exam fees and mentorship. Anything you can give to support this would be greatly appreciated.