Sponsoring a Child with the Mudeka Foundation

We are grateful that you are considering sponsoring a child’s education through the Mudeka Foundation. You are about to make a huge difference to a child’s life. 

ZIPS- Zimbabwe Individual Pupil Sponsorship

How to Become A ZIPS Sponsor

  1. Complete the ‘Sponsor a Child’ form using the button above, stating your preferences of school, age and gender of the child you would like to sponsor (if you have a preference).
  2. Our ZIPS Coordinator will send you a profile of a child requiring sponsorship that best matches your preferences and answer any questions you may have. 
  3. Once you are happy to go ahead with sponsorship, you will be provided with the Foundation’s bank details to arrange your standing order.  You may choose to pay monthly or annually.
Tinashe is taking a selfie with three pupils from Warren Park School
Tinashe and Pupils at Warren Park during a regular visit in May 2021

What You Can Expect

– All communication from the Foundation via your preferred method of contact (post, phone or email).

– A guarantee that your payment will be sent to your sponsored child’s school in Zimbabwe for their school fees.

– The option to receive updates from the Foundation on your sponsored child which may include photos, videos, exam results, letters and updates on their wellbeing.  You may also send letters, photos or videos to your sponsored child through the Foundation.

– The opportunity to receive a newsletter from the Foundation providing updates on the charity.

– Timely responses to all emails sent to the ZIPS Coordinator.

Our Student Selection Process

We work directly with seven schools in Zimbabwe, building up a relationship with the teachers and leadership teams. They identify disadvantaged children who may be in need of help with school fees. 

Once we have confirmed the need for our help, our coordinator on the ground visits the child’s home to get to know the child and the guardians and to allow the family to get to know the Foundation. The Foundation will, whenever possible, sponsor a child’s education from current funds whilst searching for a private sponsor.

Sponsorship Costs

School fees differ, and in 2020/2021 the school terms have been disrupted due to lockdown in Zimbabwe. The current term (March-June 2021) fees are outlined below. Fluctuating exchange rates and recent pay rises for the teachers mean that these rates are susceptible to change. In that situation, our ZIPS Coordinator or Treasurer will be in contact with you to see if you are willing to update your sponsorship payments. 

Muda Primary

£5 / month

Rugare Primary

£8 / month

Warren Park Primary

£9 / month

Muda High

£8 / month

Kambuzuma High

£15 / month

Occasionally, costs such as school uniforms, exam fees and textbooks arise for a child.  Without these basic items, they cannot attend school or take their exams. In these circumstances, we may approach you as their sponsor outlining the costs, asking if you would be interested in assisting in covering them. If you decide not to, then the Foundation will cover the costs. 

Picture from the inside of a classroom at Muda School, showing tables and colourful artwork hanging from the ceiling
Inside one of the classrooms at Muda Schools, taken May 2021