Tinashe's Story

Our incredible team in Zimbabwe work tirelessly to achieve the goals of the Mudeka Foundation. Tinashe reflects on why he volunteers for the Mudeka Foundation and gives an insight into the impact of the Foundation’s work.

“Touching lives, inspiring and bringing hope are the words which best describe the work of the Foundation. In 2020 the Foundation granted me the opportunity to volunteer with them, which thus far has been a fulfilling experience as I learn the organisational systems of the charity and contribute to the attainment of its goals. 

My inherent desire to be useful in our society has become a reality since I joined the Foundation; the organisation has offered me a platform to help orphaned and disadvantaged children realise their educational goals.

I feel useful and like I am living a purposeful life when I help young people achieve their dreams and goals. My biggest achievement so far is identifying to Trustees the childrens’ need for school essentials such as school books , stationery and uniform and then working together to make sure the children have everything they need for school. One can only imagine the joy when we provide these items.

A selfless attitude is life! A kind spirit is life! An understanding heart is priceless! I really enjoy and dearly love doing this work.

We may not be able to provide everything the pupils need but the little things will have come from committed, determined and sincere efforts and will go a long way as they grow and become who they desire to be.”


“May the spirit of kindness, love and generosity flourish as we continue to grow as a Foundation. May the legacy of the Mudeka Foundation continue to be passed down to generations.

Happy 10th Anniversary to all of the Foundation’s team and its supporters!”

Anniversary Appeal

As we look back over 10 brilliant years of the Mudeka Foundation, we also look forward to the future. To celebrate our anniversary we want to offer 10 scholarships to pupils in Zimbabwe, which would include school fees, uniform, books, exam fees and mentorship. Anything you can give to support this would be greatly appreciated.