Virtual "Journey to Harare" Challenge

Getting out and about has been something to unite us all during the past year, and we would like to continue this with a challenge, whilst raising funds for the Mudeka Foundation.

We have a new challenge for you……let’s Journey to Harare! The distance between Norwich and Harare is 5183 miles as the crow flies, and we want you to join our challenge in collectively journeying this distance! Walking, cycling, or anything you might think of, just input the amount travelled into our google form everytime you complete a journey. It’s simple to create a Just Giving page for yourself directly from the charity so friends and family can support you with this challenge. And if you don’t fancy getting active, you can still support us through our Kindlink. So…who is getting involved??

How to get involved?

  1. Decide on your personal mileage challenge, and sign up here!
  2. Set up your own Just Giving Page, inviting friends and family to support you and the Foundation
  3. Begin your journey
  4. Log your distances via the form we will send you
  5. Join our Strava Group to keep cheering each other on
  6. Share your achievements on social media and encourage others to join in! 

Where are we now?

We have just set off and could do with some help! Please sign up, every mile helps us reach our goal.