Patronella's Story

The Mudeka Foundation is only possible because of teamwork (and many WhatsApps!). Patronella, part of our team based in Zimbabwe, shares why she is involved in the Mudeka Foundation. 

“Mixing with students from different backgrounds at a mission school caused me to have an interest in working with children. It also made me realise that a lot of young people have brilliant ideas in their minds, but because of lack of resources they fail to implement those ideas. I promised myself to help children by all means possible.

Charity: it is a good saying which holds true in every sphere of life it means that every person has a duty to help his or her own community.

The Mudeka Foundation gave me an opportunity to be part of a team of people who are more concerned about lives of others and we enjoy seeing children’s dreams coming true.

Besides helping others, the Mudeka Foundation is very organised on how they channel their resources and there is transparency in the distribution of those resources.

At Mudeka Foundation there is a spirit of togetherness and team work is motivated. There is no place to be, than to be at Mudeka Foundation”

Anniversary Appeal

As we look back over 10 brilliant years of the Mudeka Foundation, we also look forward to the future. To celebrate our anniversary we want to offer 10 scholarships to pupils in Zimbabwe, which would include school fees, uniform, books, exam fees and mentorship. Anything you can give to support this would be greatly appreciated.